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How to contribute

Do you have a cool idea for a new snippet? Maybe some code you use often and is not part of our collection? Contributing to 30 seconds of code is as simple as 1,2,3,4!

1. Create

Start by creating a snippet, according to the snippet template. Make sure to follow these simple guidelines:

2. Tag

Run npm run tagger from your terminal, then open the tag_database file and tag your snippet appropriately. Multitagging is also supported, just make sure the first tag you specify is on of the major tags and the one that is most relevant to the implemented function.

3. Test

You can optionally test your snippet to make our job easier. Simply run npm run tester to generate the test files for your snippet. Find the related folder for you snippet under the test directory and write some tests. Remember to run npm run tester again to make sure your tests are passing.

4. Pull request

If you have done everything mentioned above, you should now have an awesome snippet to add to our collection. Simply start a pull request and follow the guidelines provided. Remember to only submit one snippet per pull request, so that we can quickly evaluate and merge your code into the collection.