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Our philosophy

The core goal of 30 seconds of code is to provide a quality resource for beginner and advanced JavaScript developers alike. We want to help improve the JavaScript ecosystem, by lowering the barrier of entry for newcomers and help seasoned veterans pick up new tricks and remember old ones. In order to achieve this, we have collected hundreds of snippets that can be of use in a wide range of situations. We welcome new contributors and we like fresh ideas, as long as the code is short and easy to grasp in about 30 seconds. The only catch, if you may, is that a few of our snippets are not perfectly optimized for large, enterprise applications and they might not be deemed production-ready.

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Past maintainers


In order for 30 seconds of code to be as accessible and useful as possible, all of the snippets in the collection are licensed under the CC0-1.0 License, meaning they are absolutely free to use in any project you like. If you like what we do, you can always credit us, but that is not mandatory.